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Short haircuts for women


Short Haircut for women should not be considered a misunderstanding in the art of hairdressing, the creators of which only at first glance created a negligible options for such a disability. After all, short hair, properly and tastefully arranged in a fashionable short cut (as in the photo), in fact, may look feminine and sexy. […]

Baby Boy Haircut ideas

It’s not easy to choose a new baby boy haircut. If it is in an age when he can not express his opinion or it does not really cut ideas what pleases him is to guide parents in the choice. Hairdressers all have different preferences. Even if they are professionals, their tastes may be different […]

Split-staining – a completely new trend in hair color; two-colored painting.

Urgency According to psychologists, hair coloring is one of the simplest ways to alter their appearance. Usually the girls are painted in their favorite colors, not daring to radical changes. But there are ladies who can not stand monotony, they who are willing to take the most unusual experiments. Popular summer 2014 Ombre and degrade already out of fashion and […]

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