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Split-staining – a completely new trend in hair color; two-colored painting.


According to psychologists, hair coloring is one of the simplest ways to alter their appearance. Usually the girls are painted in their favorite colors, not daring to radical changes. But there are ladies who can not stand monotony, they who are willing to take the most unusual experiments. Popular summer 2014 Ombre and degrade already out of fashion and was replaced on their brand new and truly unique trend, which was given the name split-staining.

So what is the essence of trends ?! It’s simple! Translated from the English word «split» means “forking”, which means that hair coloring is made in two colors exactly in half. Probably every woman at least once in his life watched the famous movie director Steven Hereke “101 Dalmatians,” where the villain Cruella de Vil had funny hair with two color contrast staining. It is this unusual trend in vogue in the summer of 2015, however, women today do not skimp on color, in high esteem not only white and black tones, and a variety of – pastel or bright.

Split-coloring – is a great way to show your individuality and express their essence and surprise all around. This trend is only for the most daring and creative personalities who are not afraid of condemning the views and want to stand out from the crowd. Split-staining to ensure that girls do not choose between the two favorite colors, and at the same time be a brunette and a blonde. Someone will be decided on such an unusual experiment for theme parties or a photo shoot, and someone is willing to appear in such a way to work or university, and you can be assured of 100% – in such a manner unnoticed simply unrealistic.

Split-coloring at home

Today, cosmetic boutiques presented a number of different means for coloring hair at home – by tinting balms, gels and shampoos resistant to ammonia dyes. Selecting each doing their own, based on what I want to get the result. In general, home appliances staining is simple, and do not necessarily rush to the hairdresser again to fulfill your whim. Split-staining also can be done at home, because nothing complicated in this case there is no hair is just divided into two parts (precisely in the middle) and stained in two different shades. The main thing is to get pre-painted and the necessary tools.

For a split-staining require the following components:

  • Two paint the desired color;
  • scrunchy;
  • gloves;
  • two special brush-brush for applying the paint;
  • two ceramic bowls for dilution of paint;
  • balm / conditioner for hair;
  • shampoo;
  • comb to separate;
  • clamps for fastening the hair;
  • Food foil.

It is important to remember that hair dyes contain a huge number of chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, before proceeding with staining, apply a small amount of the composition prepared on the back of the elbow, pretreated with alcohol. If 24-48 hours no reaction was observed, you can start coloring. Dermatologists do not recommend to dye the hair of women whose heads are damaged or struck by eczema or psoriasis. Other contraindications are not present.

Before painting, wash your hair is not recommended. This, incidentally, is one of the most common mistakes. Staining procedure will become more gentle with the unwashed hair, this rule should not be neglected. Ready coloring compositions and in this case two of them, can not be stored immediately after mixing all components, the paint is applied to the hair. Mix the ingredients in a special ceramic piala, in any case, not of metal. Availability gloves save your hands from staining and other unpleasant problems. Hair comb divide evenly in half, one part fixed with a rubber band. In order not to blur the unpainted side, it is better to fix her food foil, and you can use special clips.

Staining start from the roots, they need special attention. Apply the composition away from the roots to the ends – this is the correct technique of staining. After you’ve painted the first half of the head, proceed to the second. And already colored side should also protect food foil. COLOR both sides waiting cleavage of natural pigments, this process may take different amounts of time, typically 15 to 30 minutes. After this time, wash off the paint, first clean running water, then shampoo. After bathing in the hair conditioner or balm is applied, these funds will soften the hair and allow them to quickly and easily comb hair. Dry hair is naturally, the use of a hair dryer is not forbidden, but not desirable.

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